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Museum of Computational Ferocity

The world's first computer bug

An old CDC mainframe with Seymour Cray at the helm

IBM's Selective Sequence Electronic Calculator, c. 1948

The original, ENIAC

The 3090




Cray 2 Supercomputer

The original PC, the Altair 8800, c. 1975

The Commodore Pet

The TRS-80 Level 1 4k

The TRS-80 Model 3

The TRS-80 Model 4

The Original Sinclair

The Sinclair disposable computer

T.I. 99

The Amiga 500

The Apple II

The Commadore 16

The Commadore 64

The TRS 80 Color Computer

The Kaypro 2000

The Linx

The Osborne

The Osborne II

The America Online Standard Server

Our Server

Tiny angel