This is a representation of someone's thought. Thoughts cannot be owned or controlled. You may modify this thought as you see fit. many have attempted to censor the thoughts and ideas of this writer, none have succeeded. ...nor will they ever.

You of the industrial world cannot lock up a thought. It is an impossible task.

In attempting to control the citizens of cyberspace, you have failed.
In attempting to give names to our acts, which you deem to be crimes, you have also failed.
You use terms such as "trespassing", "breaking and entering", and
"destruction of property", where no physical act has even occurred. Your very language
is grossly inadequate to describe our deeds, which are in fact, not crimes.

The human hands are the catalysts of your industrial world of glass and steel. It took
you one million years to manufacture your pathetic, polluted world. The human
mind is the catalyst of OUR universe, known to you as cyberspace. Our paradise, our
eden, our heaven, was built in less than fifty years, and is still growing. Oh, what we
shall have in a million!

For our deeds, which are not crimes, you of the industrial world confine our bodies into
brick and mortar boxes. You affix your devices of steel to our ankles, mistakingly
thinking that it will impead our movement. You employ similar devices of steel to
restrict our hands, mistakingly thinking that it will halt our ability to create or destroy.
None of these impotent actions can incarcerate our thoughts, in fact this very thought has
found it's way to our electronic world with great ease. Your primative industrial minds
seem utterly unable to grasp this extremely simple concept:

You cannot confine our bodies, we do not live in your industrial world. Destroy our physical
bodies, and our thoughts and ideas, the important part of us, will live on forever in the
servers and nodes which surround and penetrate your polluted world.

You cannot impede our movement, for we do not travel in any way that you understand. For
us, travel is instantaneous, our entire destinations are copied and presented to us.
Similarly, it is impossible to restrict our ability to create, or even to deny us freedom in any
way that is meaningful to us. This thought is proof of that.

In your blindness, you fail, completely, to understand your dire situation as you attempt to
form us into your mold. You preach that we are the misfits, struggling, and in distress.
But it is a happy fish that stays in the water. It was a fish in distress that resorted to crawling
on land. That first fish was also a misfit. Ignorance is bliss, and you are the blissful fish,
unable to live in our world. Unlike you, we will not even notice when your pathetic,
polluted stream has run dry. Do not attempt to rehabilitate us.
We do not wish to be like you.

We have no desire or need for your structures and noisy machinery. We have our own
paradise, our own heaven, in which we live, and you are not welcome here. For we are
each of us an Archangel, and judgment has been passed.
You are the damned.

For every misfit fish that crawled unto the land, a million stayed behind, just as we, the
citizens of cyberspace, leave you the creatures of the industrial world, behind.

You are unable to impede us, confine us, or restrict us,
for God himself has chosen us over you.

Wrath of God Hand Delivered