The text that lies below is a representation of someone's thought.
Thoughts are objects of pure freedom, and you are free to copy it, change it, or even claim it as your own, provided that you agree with it. - Archangel

1.An Archangel is a Living Legend.
He is the greatest in his field. He is both famous and infamous. He holds great notoriety. He is controversial. He is the subject of conversation. His deeds appear impossible to perform.

2.An Archangel Cannot Be Ignored
His operations are on a grand scale. The story of his life shall create jealousy among his enemies. He is flamboyant. He is noticed in the crowd. In chaos people want to know what he is doing. Even as the moon explodes over his left shoulder, it is completely impossible to avert attentions from him.

3.An Archangel Senses Humor
He laughs at all jokes, aspecially those about himself. He often laughs for no apparent reason at all. He senses humor where others cannot.

4.An Archangel Perseveres
He cannot be discouraged. His store of fortitude is infinite. He shall continuously return after being thought to be dead.

5.An Archangel is Ingenious
He is a strategist. He understands plot. He invents and circumvents. He is resourceful. He evolves. He is intuitive. He sees and understands things that others cannot.

6.An Archangel is Audacious.
He is bold. He conquers by assault. He is a leader. He is a brave warriar. He cares not if his actions offend. He attempts the impossible.

7.An Archangel is Nonchalant.
He is calm and collected. He is not at all nervous. He never had any nerves to begin with. He is placid. He is cool and at ease. He never feels put out - unless put out of doors.

8.An Archangel is Arrogant
He swaggers. He sneers in your face. He treads on your feet. He eats your dinner, drinks your wine, borrows your money, pulls your nose, pets your dog, and he kisses your wife.

9.An Archangel Improvises.
He adapts. He plageurises. He plays fast and loose. He is a difficult target to hit. He exploits what is available. He has a quick mind.

10.An Archangel Thrives
He is quite comfortable in situations others dare not think about. His enemies are more valuable to him than his friends. He seeks out and creates scenarios which others would wish to avoid. He flourishes in discontent. He enjoys adversity.

11.An Archangel's Mind is Free
His thoughts are unfettered. He is called into action where free thought is oppressed. He is a champion of intellectual liberty. He seeks always to free the minds of others.

12.An Archangel Grins
A TRUE Archangel winds it all up with a grin, one which nobody sees but himself. He grins at the end of the day when his work is done. He goes home. He locks his door. He divests himself of his clothes. He puts out the light. He gets into bed. He places his head on the pillow. All this done, and the Archangel grins. He does so for his own entertainment.

An Archangel would be no Archangel without the grin.