Written in the early eighties by Archangel, Bladerunner, and The Wiz, this text was later transformed into the 12 Codes we have today. The Phirm was featured in Phrack Magazine, as were Archangel, Bladerunner, The Wiz, and other members.

1.A P.H.I.R.M Member is a Living Legend.
He is the greatest in his field. He is both famous and infamous. He holds great notoriety. He is controversial. He is the subject of conversation. His deeds appear impossible to perform.

2.A P.H.I.R.M Member Cannot Be Ignored
His operations are on a grand scale. The story of his life shall create jealousy among his enemies. He is flamboyant.

3.A P.H.I.R.M Member Perseveres
He cannot be discouraged. His store of fortitude is infinite. He shall continuously return after being thought to be dead.

4.A P.H.I.R.M Member is Audacious.
He is bold. He conquers by assault. He is a leader. He is a brave warriar. He cares not if his actions offend. He attempts the impossible.

5.A P.H.I.R.M Member Improvises.
He adapts. He plageurises. He plays fast and loose. He is a difficult target to hit. He exploits what is available. He has a quick mind.

6.A P.H.I.R.M Member Thrives
He is quite comfortable in situations others dare not think about. His enemies are more valuable to him than his friends. He seeks out and creates scenarios which others would wish to avoid. He flourishes in discontent. He enjoys adversity.

7.A P.H.I.R.M Member's Mind is Free
His thoughts are unfettered. He is called into action where free thought is oppressed. He is a champion of intellectual liberty. He seeks always to free the minds of others.