This section is dedicated to all those lost souls who spent hour upon hour in front of one of these dull green screens. We hope that this section, which contains text-files, will immerse you in a temporary sense of nostalgia.

Wrath of God Hand Delivered was originally written by Archangel in the early 1980's and published in the computers-forum on compuserve. Since then it has been copied and used several times, most notably by Mr. Barlow, who used some portions of it in his Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace. As with all of Archangel's work, it is free to everyone, and he is honored that it was used.

Written While Imprisoned was written by Archangel while he was in prison. When one of the FBI agents in Mexico made a comment (during the arrest) to the effect that another fugitive was about to be rehabilitated, Archangel was inspired to write this piece.

The Seven Codes of The P.H.I.R.M. was the original work written for the P.H.I.R.M., in the early eighties, Archangel's third hacking group.

The Twelve Codes of The Archangels is an updated work written for the nineties, the original being the seven codes above.

Uncut ArtBell Interview This is the text presented to the Coast-to-Coast show for fact checking purposes. It contains many comments and facts that did not make it on the air due to time constraints.

Interview with Michael Brunker at MSNBC This is the famous interview with Michael Brunker at MSNBC. Archangel was asked to demonstrate his abilities, and gained access to Mr. Brunker's email. This interview explains how it was done. Michael called Archangel on the telephone to ask him to do a security consultation after this, as he was astonished at how easy it would be to hack a major site like MSNBC.

Funny Names This is a list of funny names that can be used for email boxes, filters, etc. They are crude, lewd, and typically ARCHANGEL, he's from Detroit, so If you don't like them, tough!